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Sue's long-anticipated CD, Bring Nothing But Your Heart, now available on, just debuted tied at number 3 on the CMJ Top Adds Jazz Chart in its first week of release! Bring Nothing But Your Heart is an exciting collection of cool, sophisticated original Brazilian and Latin jazz, much of it in unusual meters. In addition to arranging and producing the project, Sue plays piano/keyboards, sings and scats melodies and solos, adds a few cameos on acoustic and electric violins, and plays Brazilian guitar and electric bass. The CD features Mark Egan, bass; Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, drums; Nelson Faria, guitar; and many more guest artists.

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The Reviews For Bring Nothing But Your Heart Are Coming In!

From L.A. Jazz Scene, Scott Zanow writes: “Sue Maskaleris on 'Bring Nothing But Your Heart' gives one the impression that she can sing and do practically anything. She wrote all of the songs except ‘Lush Life,’ sounds quite at ease when singing in unusual time signatures, arranged all of the music, plays piano and keyboards very well, and along the way also makes appearances on violin, guitar and bass. She sounds so comfortable with the Brazilian-oriented songs that it is surprising to note that she is actually a Greek-American. The large supporting cast includes many talented Brazilian and American musicians but Sue Maskaleris is the main star. She often overdubs her voices to form a vocal group, shows that she is equally skilled at scatting and interpreting ballads, and the joy of her music is conveyed to listeners. This CD by the very talented singer is well worth checking out.”

From Tom Hull of the Village Voice, NYC: Jazz Prospecting: 4/5 stars: “Sue Maskaleris: Bring Nothing But Your Heart (2013, Jazilian). Singer-songwriter, has at least one previous album; wrote everything here but 'Lush Life,' with a couple of songs in Portugese. Also plays piano/keyboards, violin, guitar, bass, and percussion, and gets help from a long list of musicians.”

From Audiophile Magazine – 5 stars: “Sue Maskaleris is hugely talented!”

Radio Host, Fred Polet, Brazilian Blend radio show, The Netherlands: “We love 'Ready to Love Again'!”

From Rotcod zZaj of Improvijazznation: “When a singer is also a player in the jazz arena, things get hot quick...& that’s totally true with pieces like “The Big Tiri” on Sue’s new release! The Brazilian jazz she performs is far out ahead of the pack, and will stay on your playlists for months (maybe even years) to come. The gentle (yet energetic) guitar work on “Two Ducklings” is full of the inspiration that first attracted me to jazz (back in the Stan Getz days). The percussion driven “O.C.D” turned out to be my favorite of the dozen tunes offered up for your listening and dancing pleasure; among the best Latin tunes I’ve heard in 2013. I give Sue & crew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

From – 5 stars: “What most impressed me about Sue Maskaleris and “Bring Nothing But Your Heart,” is her authenticity, honesty and superb ability to multi-task so many instruments, arrange, compose and vocalize anything her ear can imagine. It is rare to see so much talent wrapped into one person, but Maskaleris conveys her messaging with modern times lyrics, coupled with masterful technique. I hope to see her songbook taken in by other artists as well, as this music deserves a wide-based platform and is worth being covered for many years to come.”

From Midwest Record: “If we weren’t living in an indie world, Maskaleris would make you shake your head and wonder how she had been hidden for so long. A multi-field threat, she writes/sings/leads...all original. Keeping you on the edge of your seat...this set is such a gasser you just won’t believe it. Not wanting to be labeled as just another chick singer, she’s endeavored hard and thorough to be so much more. And she has succeeded mightily. Just a killer set with loads of heart that’ll jump-start yours. A winner.”

From Amazon, 5 stars: “Sue Maskaleris presents a varied set of cool, sophisticated and very original Brazilian and Latin jazz, infused with vocalise, by an award-winning composer/lyricist, singer/pianist and arranger/producer - herself! Sue arranged and produced the project; played piano/keyboards, sang vocals, and added a few cameos on violin, Brazilian guitar, and electric bass. Maskaleris’ compositions, lyrics, and arrangements are well-played by the cream of the crop of custom-chosen musicians, many from Brazil and Cuba...The talent seems never to end - this is one beautiful woman who knows how to find the cent of a song and make it ring true. The variation of songs here performed is astonishing and every track simply works - as jazz, as Latin beat, as exhilarating music.”

From Fame Magazine: “The quirky title cut kicks off the CD, and if you consider what the nomenclature is really hinting at, then you'll be ready for the steamy lyrics she penned...dubbed 'the female Michael Franks' due to oft erotically playful and deceptively innocent verses...those lyrics, all the more charged through the fact that Maskaleris is glamour/centerfold beautiful...Her piano work in "Two Ducklings" is brilliant, simple but oh so perfect. To have added one more note or sped up the tempo one beat would've been to ruin the lyrical quality...Maskaleris enjoys the admiration of many jazz notables (Lenny White, Mike Urbaniak, Toninho Horta, Mark Murphy, etc.) but I'm telling you here and now she's every inch their equal, or in Horta's case, awfully close.”

From LMNOP Magazine: “Smooth and breezy jazz/pop with interesting Brazilian/Latin flavors. We're really glad we were reading the press release as we listened to this disc. Otherwise we might have just thought that Sue Maskaleris was nothing more than a vocalist. But nothing could be further from the truth, because this uniquely talented lady is also a pianist, composer, lyricist, arranger, and she also plays electric and acoustic violin, guitar, and bass (whew!). So if you think Sue's just another pretty face, think again. This enchanting twelve-track disc is housed in a beautiful quadruple-fold digipak sleeve which is rather impressive. But even more impressive is the music itself. These cuts are inspired. It's no wonder Maskaleris has already become an in-demand composer and performer. All of these tracks are great but our initial favorites include 'Bring Nothing But Your Heart,' 'Ready To Love Again,' and 'The Meaning (Peace & Love).' Maskaleris is one super smart and talented artist.”

From Yahoo: “Brazilian Enriched Jazz--Bring Nothing But Your Heart from vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Sue Maskaleris is a rush of endorphin-induced romps. The recording bursts open with the Latin grooves of the title track traversing into the funky tinted rhythms of 'The Big Tiri'...Smooth and balmy, Maskaleris' treatment of Billy Strayhorn's 'Lush Life' displays her vocal chops as a moving singer while the harmonious harmonica creates a dreamy escape. The fast-paced 'Ready to Love Again' has a Brazilian-based rhythm which switches gears into the cruising samba beats of 'A Blast of Joy'...The balladry sway of 'Kisses from Ivan' has a classic pop iridescence... Maskaleris' affinity for Brazilian music is thoroughly explored...Her talent ranges from singer/pianist and songwriter to demonstrating her diversity and willingness to dabble in every aspect of her music. She puts her heart, her soul, and her love of beautiful sounding music into her recording, making for a positively charged album.”

From KAMP Radio, Tuscon, AZ: David Witter writes: “Could you slow down, I don't have a helmet!” (from 'Baião da Aclimação'). “Sue Maskaleris plays most of the instruments you'll hear on the album, AND she sings. So that's pretty impressive right there. Sue scats and sings throughout, her voice is pretty... Recommended Tracks: #2. ‘The Big Tiri,’ essentially an instrumental, featuring some light scatting from Sue, pretty hoppin' and on point with the piano, brass, and drums (5 stars). And, track #8 "A Blast of Joy"...some scatting involved (4 stars).”

From the blog of bassist and Senior Economist at MSNBC, Jared Bernstein: "A real composer, singer, pianist (check her stuff out—super creative, interesting, jazz-Brazilian-funk hybrid). The great Sue Maskaleris (an old friend whose music I’ve featured here before)–her new album is deservedly the rage...By the way, her song “The Meaning” should, in my humble opinion, be everyone’s new favorite Christmas song. On "Ready To Love Again": I love the velocity in these songs!

From Studio Drummer, Terry Silverlight: “I'm in awe of it. I'm graciously given albums all the time, and I don't have time to listen to them in their in their entirety. This was an exception. Not because I'm on it, but because it captured my attention from the first song, first note, and it kept my attention every second until the end. It's a work of art. I love music, I got into it from the first place because I found it interesting, challenging, and beautiful. Sue, your album exemplifies all those attributes. You have a gem of a product here, I wish you all the best in the world with it, and I am a real big fan of your ingenious musical mind and spirit. I really think you're great. Love your music.”
On "Kisses From Ivan": “Wow. That's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. Absolutely gorgeous in every way. It doesn't get better than that. You sound wonderful singing, the keyboard work is precious, unbelievably stellar chord changes, arrangement, recording, production. And, everyone plays really lovely on it (including me!). Real simple, beautiful sound and sums up the heart and soul of the rest of the album. You're great, Sue, and I will be telling everyone about the CD. I'm real honored to be a part of the project.”

Sue's previous CD, Unbreakable Heart, is an extraordinary collection of her most popular compositions.
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All Lyrics and Music: © Sue Maskaleris, SueMask Musik, ASCAP, Unless Indicated Otherwise.